The TASLACI family began operating in the farming sector back in 1950, when
it establish a flourishing business in the charming town of Denizli, that made
the family renowned for its enterprise and competence.
 Backed by this experience, which was strongly consolidated throughout years, the TASLACI
family became specialized in the field of cotton and grains, 
and in 1989 set up TASLACILAR TARIM. This business initially focused on producing raw material to
textile industry for years, and its succesfull results motivated the family to search for other 
busines opportunities, such as PAMUKKALE TOHUMCULUK and TASLACILAR DIÞ TÝC. A.Þ.
With its high skilled collaborators and its distinctive personal taste and creative
 the TASLACI family is able to offer a broad and inimitable range of
collection including raw ginned cotton, certificated wheat seeds, spring and
winter wheat, feed corn, barley, olive, pomegranate, plum, and quince.
Expertise and refinement are the elements that have always distinguished
the creative research and premium quality of TASLACILAR products, making us
by word of unique elegance, superior quality, and variety.
Our mission is to be a leading supplier of all agricultural products and services
to government, private enterprises, and organizations in Turkey.
It is our goal to offer our customers a valuable long-term business partnership.
TASLACILAR will be trendsetters in their respective business areas in terms of
production methods, quality standards, vision and business manners.

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